11th March Monday Update On Young Love

11th March Monday Update On Young Love

Jagya sends pretty much entire hospital staff to some village for someone’s treatment. Only one nurse and Ganga will be left there tonight. He asks the nurse whether she will be able to handle everything. The nurse says, there are not many patients and none of them seem to have any emergency. Jagya says, if any emergency, then you can take Ganga’s help.

Aashima seems to be upset with Mahi. They are not talking. Mahi’s phone rings and his ringtone is some romantic song. Aashima asks him to stop that song. Mahi disconnects his call. He tries to talk with her, but Aashima says, no Mahi.. don’t. Mahi says, I don’t know how did this happen.. Aashima shouts, I said stop it. He gets up and goes to her, but Aashima says leave me alone and starts throwing stuff around. Mahi looks at the broken statue of a couple kissing and leaves from there. Aashima is crying as Mahi leaves her place. Aashima says, oh God he’s younger brother of Shiv. How did I even think like that?

Shiv enters his room in anger. Anandi asks him what happened. Shiv talks with some Mr. Khurrana in anger and says, I didn’t like the way you talked with me. After the call, he acts of having chest pain. Anandi gets worried. Shiv says, I just want to love you. Anandi says, so you were acting and not having any pain, right? Shiv pulls her to him. Anandi asks him to leave her saying she has to cook. Shiv says, Natthu will do it. Anandi then takes Daddu’s name and shiv lets her go. Anandi runs away as soon as he leaves her. Shiv says, he deserves a prize for good acting. Anandi says, later. Shiv asks for “token” (kiss on cheek), but Anandi shows him thumb and runs out.

Sanchi is in kitchen and decides to start working before Anandi enters. When Anandi enters, Sanchi asks whether she will be able to become a good bahu of Badi Haveli. Anandi says, no. Sanchi gets sad. Anandi says, until you don’t learn making this dish, you won’t be able to become a good bahu because Everyone loves that dish there. Sanchi gets ready to learn that dish from Anandi.

Sanchi serves that special dish, gatte ki sabzi, to everyone. Daddu remembers something from his past. He shares his story with everyone that when he was in college, he saw a beautiful girl and he offered red rose to her and kept waiting for a slap, but she didn’t slap and instead thanked him. Later, she kept chasing him and one day proposed and he agreed just like a soldier surrenders himself to enemies. Sanchi says, so you married someone else before you married daadi? Daddu says, no.. she was your daadi only. I got so big punishment for offering a rose. He then gets emotional and says, it was the most beautiful punishment I ever got. I never regret for it. She used to make gatte ki sabzi as well. Sanchi asks him to taste. Daddu gives her 9 marks saying 10 is only for your daadi. Sanchi says, I am happy with 9 and Anandi bhabhi gets all the credits because she taught me. Anandi says, no.. you made it. Daddu tells Anandi to teach all the dishes to Sanchi so they get to eat tasty food everyday. Ira tells Sanchi that she is proud of her and kisses her. Dadisa, Bhairo, Sumitra arrive at Sugna’s house for the function.

Basant and Gehna are eating at Badi Haveli. Gehna suddenly starts having a lot of pain. She asks Basant to do something. Basant says, Sumitra had to go out right now only.. He decides to call Jagya. Jagya is busy talking to Sanchi. Sanchi tells him that she made that sabzi. Sanchi says in her mind, I won’t tell Anandi helped else credits will be shared for no reason. Sanchi asks him to show more excitement. Jagya says, okay.. I am excited now.. happy? And Anandi must have helped you because no one can make better sabzi than her. Sanchi says, she didn’t help.. but yes she came to check when I was cooking.. that’s about it. Sanchi says, why are we discussing about gatte ki sabzi? Let’s talk about something else. She asks him, what are you wearing? Jagya says, what kind of question is that? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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