11th December Wednesday Update on This is Love

11th December Wednesday Update on This is Love

Raman getting angry and asking Shweta to switch on the AC. He gets sweating. She says what happened to him, he was happy and praised me today, why is he behaving like this. Ishita asks Shweta to do video recording and send her. Shweta says I should have asked Ishita about Raman’s behavior, but she will worry then. Appa tells about his friend, who has given many sacrifices and fought the battles for the sake of their country.

He calls him on stage. Everyone claps hearing the man. The man does the flag hoisting. Vande mataram…plays… Everyone salutes the flag. Appa says we have done something special this year, credit goes to this youth, who suggested us not to waste money on decorations and asked us to use the money to donate to an orphanage, I would like

to call Rohan on stage. He praises Rohan. Karan says don’t know when will Rohan get over Aaliya. Sudha says very soon. Rohan thanks everyone for support. Everyone claps.

Rohan goes to Aaliya. She asks him not to think much. Pihu asks what happened. He says Aaliya is annoyed. She asks did you say sorry, you have to say her sorry many times. He thanks her. Raman scolds peon. Shweta says coffee isn’t green, its fine. Raman asks am I mad, am I lying. He sweats more and thinks what’s happening. Shagun says everyone donated much, its good, what’s Sudha doing here.

Ishita says she came here to take Rohan home, I don’t think he will go. Shagun says I invited Yug for dinner. Ishita asks why. Shagun says he resembles Yug. Ishita says he is not our Adi, he is Yug. Shagun says I know, I have prepared Adi’s fav dishes, but Yug just likes rice and daal.

Ishita says he is Yug, not our Adi, you should understand, that’s why I don’t want Raman to meet him, he can’t handle this. Shagun says right, don’t worry about Ranbir’s job, I spoke to my friend. She compliments Pihu. Pihu asks them to come along, her dance is starting. Karan says its boring function, we shall leave. Sudha says we shall not go until drama happens at Raman’s office.

A man enters the office and keeps a box. Raman shouts to Shweta and picks the box. The man says sorry Sir, I have kept it. Raman calls him foolish. The man puts gun in his pocket. Raman goes. Raman gives a bouquet to minister. Ishita records Pihu’s dance. Everyone claps. Sudha says this happiness won’t last long. Raman says thanks for coming for flag hoisting, we are lucky. Minister says its my pleasure to be here, every businessman should follow your footsteps. Raman feels uneasy. Sudha’s manager smiles and calls Sudha. He says flag hoisting is about to begin. Everyone salutes the flag. Shweta thinks thank God flag hoisting went well. Ruhi goes to clean her dress.

Rohan comes to Aaliya. He gives her written apologies. He apologizes and says I want to change. She says there is no need to do all this, I m not angry at you. Sorry I get angry seeing your mum, give me some time. She goes. Sudha and Karan look on. Rohan says mom just leave. Karan asks what’s this way. He asks Sudha to come, why does she want to get insulted. Sudha says Karan keep quiet. Sudha says come home Rohan, I miss you a lot. Rohan says please leave. Everyone looks on. She says I won’t go until my plan succeeds. Everyone gets a message. Ruhi checks TV and gets shocked. She shouts to everyone. Sudha says I think it has happened. Kaan checks message and asks what’s all this mom. Everyone rushes and checks the news. Raman says I will shoot you. The guards try to stop.

Ishita asks what is he doing. Sudha says he has done this under mental pressure, this is really huge. Ishita says we don’t have time, we have to go to Raman’s office and stop him. She asks Shagun to keep an eye on Sudha. Sudha says Raman is out of his mind, you can’t save him this time. Ishita leaves. Sudha says its too late, Raman’s fav sweets, remember, I got this drug infused in it, it was a strong dose, Raman is not in his senses, his mind is playing games with him. Karan says you are just brilliant, how did this happen. Sudha says putting gun in his pocket isn’t a tough thing. He says you are too good. Raman points gun at minister. Everyone worries. Ishita is on the way with Bala. She asks Bala to drive faster, Raman may make some mistake.

Raman seeing Rohan and Parmeet in minister and threatening to shoot. Bala asks why is the car going towards left. He stops the car. Ishita says tyre is punctured. He says you won’t get any auto, I will get a mechanic. He goes. Everyone sees the news. Ranbir and Vishal also see the news and get shocked. Police comes. Shweta asks Raman to put gun down. Raman says Parmeet and Sudha have done this. Yug sees Ishita and stops the bike. He says I will drop you, come. Bala comes and says I know this guy, I will go, you also reach there. Bala doesn’t see Yug’s face. Minister says I m not Parmeet, I m your friend. Sudha says police will handle Raman in their own way. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita will handle her. Sudha asks where is Ishita, police will shoot Raman, because he has

behaved like a criminal. Aaliya says don’t worry Pihu, Ishimaa will get Papa back. She hugs Pihu. Rohan takes Sudha out.



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