11th December Tuesday Update On True Love

Mai and Chanda conversation in Kitchen about Ichha and Tappu .. Meanwhile Ichha is walking towards her room and is recalling all those words that Saanchi told her in the last episode ;She meets Kasa Kaka on her way and tells him everything about Saanchi on which Kasa Kaka assures her that they will soon find out a solution.

Tappu comes to meet Ichha in her room and tells her that she wants something from her on which Ichha sarcastically tells Tappu ask what u want again ;Hearing this Tappu gets irritated and tells Ichha that she has come upto this level by always asking favours from her and today she is talking in this manner ;So then Tappu in a proud tone tells Ichha that she has come here to ask for Veer since two yrs back she made a mistake of deciding to unite her and Veer but now she will rectify that mistake because Veer came in her life first ;Hearing this Ichha too in a proud tone tells Tappu that she might not b knowing this but it was me with whom Veer met first on the road even before he went to her house ;Ichha and Tappu go on and on about who deserves Veer more ;

Ichha considers herself born lucky with a good fate because of which Veer today is in her life but Tappu challenges Ichha to soon get her Veer back ;Tappu then tells Ichha that she wants to go out with Veer today on which Ichha tells Tappu that no way Veer will agree to go out with her ;Hearing this Tappu tells Ichha that she will convince Veer in this case and she will make sure that Veer goes out with Tapasya today ;Tappu indirectly blackmails and forces Ichha to convince Veer here or else she will give out that secret of Veer to all ;Ichha has no option but to do what Tappu wants when she was suppose to go on a dinner date with Veer today ..

Veer returns home and asks Ichha if she is ready since they r suppose to go out for dinner today ;Hearing this Ichha tells Veer that they will also take Tappu with them since she will feel bored alone in this house ;Veer is not too happy with the decision but agrees with Ichha ;So then Ichha asks Veer to leave for the restaurent while she and Tappu will follow him in a short while once Tappu gets ready …

At Jogi’s house Divya questions Jogi about the mobile that he gave to Damini on her birthday on which Jogi tells Divya that since she was not here and he din’t knew what to give her,so he presented her a mobile or else if she was here then she would hv given her a saree as usual ;Hearing this Divya sarcastically tells Jogi that yes she would hv presented her a saree but he even went to the extent of throwing a party for her ;Jogi is a bit shocked with Divya’s words and just looks at her face when Divya gives her the bag and asks him to leave for office but Divya’s words suggest that she is somewhere believing Pushkar’s lie ;Jogi leaves for office without reacting but his shocked face suggests that he was not expecting such sarcastic comments from Divya and was feeling a bit clueless as well …CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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