10th October Thursday Update on True Love


10th October Thursday Update on True Love

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Episode starts with Amla drinking something and Chanda looking at her. Amla says, now I feel good. I will go and rest.
Chanda says, at least tell me how my brother is? You just ate and drank and you’re leaving.
Amla says, my husband is in the hospital… how can I eat and drink all day?
Chanda says, are you leaving for the hospital now?
Amla says, no I will give my back some rest.
Chanda asks her if he’s awake… Amla says no, he’s not and I’m so worried for him. Chanda asks what the doctors are saying, Amla says they’re not saying anything – one goes and the other comes.
My back is hurting by sitting with him all day.
She asks Chanda if she’ll do a little favour and massage her back a little… Chanda says, you go up and lie down, I will come quickly.
Amla says, come quickly otherwise Mai will call me and ask me to come to the hospital. Amla leaves.
Chanda says, what kind of a wife is she? Her husband is unconscious and she wants massage?

Icha comes to Veer’s room and looks at all the machines attached to him. She touches his hair and sits down next to him.
She thinks of meeting him at Satara, then giving him Prasad for Daddaji in the temple.
She says, how did all this happen Veer? How?
You’re in this condition and I can’t even care for you, sit with you on your bedside.
I want to keep sitting with you until you’re conscious again. Until you’re awake, I will keep praying to God. I’m helpless, I can’t do anything even if I want to. How can I tell you who I am to you?
She cries and touches his hand.
Veer’s fingers and toes start twitching and he opens his eyes. He looks at Icha and says “Icha”. Icha is shocked.
He says, you’re my wife, my wife. What did you think? I won’t recognize you?
Icha says, do you really recognize your Icha now?
He says, how could I not? Don’t you believe me?
Icha says, I believe you.
Veer says, then why are you quiet. Why did you hide this from me? Why hide such a big truth from me for so many years?
Why Icha?
Icha says, what would I have told you? How could I have told you. There was no place for me in your life. Everything has changed – everything. Veer says, I didn’t change, Icha… I am the same. I still love you.
I couldn’t recognize you before, but my heart always looked for you… and you know it too.
Icha remembers Veer coming to Satara to look for Icha. She cries.
Veer says, how much I love you… I can’t tell you.
Icha says sorry to Veer… please forgive me.
He says, no Icha, it’s not your fault either… maybe our destiny was meant to be this way. That we were supposed to be away from each other. But not anymore… not anymore.
Now you wait and see, everything will be alright.
I feel like I’ve been re-born. Can I ask you something… how many years has it been since we’ve been away from each other?
Icha says, 18 years. 18 years have gone by, Veer.
It’s been a dream after all!!!!! (GRRR, I hate the CVs)
Then she comes back to the present and Veer’s still unconscious and she’s holding his hand. She leaves his hands and cries.
Veer then wakes up for real and says, Teacherji here?
What are you doing here? Why are you crying?
Don’t worry about me, I’m not hurt… just a little.
Icha says, don’t talk too much – you need to rest. You rest.
He says, first you stop crying then I will rest. Icha wipes away her tears. Asks him to rest.
Veer goes unconscious again and a red light and alarm starts beeping. Doctors and nurses come in and Icha tells them he just became conscious right now.
Gunwanti comes and asks Icha, you’ve seen him now… now go away from here. Icah wants to stay, but Gunwanti asks her to leave and she leaves.

Icha comes out of the room and Jogi/Mukta come to her. She cries and hugs Jogi and Mukta consoles her too.
Rathore turns around and sees her crying.
He thinks, Veer, I wish you could understand how much Ichaji loves you. You’re very lucky that she loves you so much.
Mukta thinks, the mere presence of her brought him back to consciousness… and if she becomes a part of his life… then…
When will that day come in their lives?

Amla snoring and Chanda massaging her hands. She says, she’s so lazy. Her husband might live or die, she needs her sleep.
Tej comes to the room and signals Chanda to come outside. She comes out and Tej says what are you doing Chanda raani? Serving this idiot? Chanda says, I’m doing because of you… don’t you want to know about Veer?
Tej says, police? Chanda says, not yet… but if things go this way, then you won’t stay out of trouble for long.
He says did you get any inside news?
I called up Mausiji 4 times and found out Icha had come to the hospital and stayed there – without food or drink. And on the other hand we have this woman… she’s pretty much like you. No emotions in her heart… just eat, drink and be merry. lol
Tej says, this is wrong Chanda… I love you a lot.
Chanda says, yes I can see how that love is diminishing everyday.
Then he asks, just let me know one more thing… Veer won’t die, right?
Chanda says, no. Your luck is favouring you.
Tej wants to touch her, but she refuses and walks away.
Tej says, Chanda is such a good girl. I shouldn’t deceive her like this… after all, she’s the one who will be serving my Dream Girl too.

Damini consoling Icha in her room that everything will be alright. Mukta’s also there.
Icha says, these are all words to give me some courage.
Damini says, no I’m not just saying it. I know your love is true.
Icha says, please tell me why does it always happen with me? And how many more tests do I have to give? Every time I go near my destination, I go even further away.
Mukta says, it’s so strange Ammo-Nani, Veer Uncle was unconscious. Then Icha Maa went there and in a little while, Veer Uncle regained consciousness.
Do you know? Maa hasn’t eaten anything.
Damini says, and I didn’t even ask her for food. I’ll serve food for both of you, you come downstairs quick.
Mukta sits in front of her and says my heart says very soon Veer Uncle’s house doors will open for you… really! Icha smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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