10th January Thursday Update On Young Love


10th January Thursday Update On Young Love

Jagya asks Ganga what happened. Ganga says.. I can’t do this.. I won’t be able to become nurse. Jagya says, our work is to save patients’ lives.. if we get scared like this, then who will save them? He tells her how he used to get scared as well when he was studying, but he wanted to become doctor so he had to do some adjustments. Ganga still says, I can’t do this. Jagya then says, didn’t you take care of your son despite him bleeding? Ganga says yes.. Jagya says, you just have to treat everyone like that. Once doctors and nurse take this as their responsibility, then they don’t get scared from anything. He asks her to go with her.

Shiv comes to the hospital and checks everyone. He then remembers how he shouted at Anandi and regrets for what he did. He says she thought good for me.. and what did I do? Doctor comes and tells him, everyone is out of danger our. Shiv says I should apologize Anandi.. she must be very upset. She is about to call her, but then gets call from CM.Everyone is playing with Ganga’s son. Ganga returns home and goes to do kitchen work. Dadisa tells her to rest, but she says she didnt do any work at hospital which makes her tired. Dadisa praises her.

At shiv’s house, they are reading newspaper and discussing some news. Shiv calls home and his mother picks it up. She gets happy and tells him everything will be ready. Other family members ask her what happened.. she tells them and everyone smiles, but we don’t know what that is yet.One of the Hospital staff comes to Jagya’s cabin with a letter. He tells him there is exhibition of new hospital equipments in 2 days. Jagya says on such a short notice? Not possible. He then asks him where is the exhibition. Guy says in Udhaipur. Jagya asks him to leave letter there and he will have a look at it.

Meenu comes to Anandi and says she wants to buy dress for her relative and wants Anandi to go with her as her relative size is same as Anandi. Anandi agrees. Nathu is preparing puris. Anandi asks him why is he making puris. Nathu tells her you’re going out so making snacks for you. Anandi says but we are going to market only. Shiv’s mother comes and handles the situation.

Anandi, Sanchi, and meenu come to a clothing store. Meenu and Sanchi select couple of sarees and dresses and ask Anandi to try them out. Sanchi takes her photos. Meenu gives her another dress, Anandi says i will feel uncomfortable in such clothes. meenu says, you just have to try. She tries them out and they don’t show us full dresses yet. Sanchi tells Anandi all dresses suit on you so well.. why don’t you buy one or two for yourself? Anandi says, I am fine in clothes that am wearing right now. Meenu gives her another set of clothes and says her relative is going to US and there it’s cold weather so she will need those too.

At night, everyone is having dinner. Anandi tries to serve to Shiv, but he decides to take it by himself. Anandi says in her mind, Shiv is still angry at me.. he hasn’t talked with me at all since he came. Daddu asks what is in dessert? It’s very hot temperature here. Shiv’s father also joins him saying they will have to keep AC high tonight. Shiv is not saying a word and Anandi is getting worried.

Ganga massaging Dadisa’s legs and gossiping with her about what she learned at hospital and what happened there. Dadisa asks her to stop. She says you want to become nurse.. I don’t .. why are you telling me all this? she asks her to sleep. Ganga says she will get water and then sleep. Dadisa says, girl is good.. but talks too much.

In their room, Anandi is passing Shiv’s bag to him. He says to leave it on a chair and he will take it himself. Anandi apologizes to him and says, I shouldn’t have turned off the alarm. If I had any clue about your meeting, then I would have never done that. You forgave me, right? Shiv is still not talking with interest. He says it’s okay and gives her a letter to put it in the cupboard. Anandi is about to take it, and he purposely drops it on the floor. He asks her, what did you do? Anandi says, don’t know how it fell. He says, do you even realize how important documents are in there? Open it and read it. Anandi says, this is my and your tickets to Kashmir. read full update with pics only at Shiv laughs and says, I hope you forgave me for getting angry at you. Anandi also smiles and seems very happy. She hugs him. Everyone enters their room saying surprise. Daddu asks Anandi if she feels relieved now. Shiv’s father says from her face, it looks like she is already in Kashmir. Anandi asks them, so you all knew it? Shiv’s mother says, it was collector sahab’s order. Sanci says there is another surprise.. and gives all the clothes that they bought. Anandi says to meenu, but you said they are for relatives.. Meenu says for now.. there is only one.. and it’s all for you. Anandi says she is very happy and doesn’t know how to express her feelings. They leave saying it’s their honeymoon news.. let them celebrate alone.

They hug again. Anandi says, you don’t know how happy you made me. Shiv says I wanted to surprise you.. so didn’t get chance to ask you.. but I hope you like the place. Anandi says I read a lot about that place.. never thought I would be able to go there. Shiv asks her, won’t you get scared there, right? Anandi says, I am very excited to go there. Shiv says, go to sleep for now.. I have some office work, I will finish that.

Anandi is on the bed and already thinking about their honeymoon trip. Shiv is working on a laptop. Anandi keeps asking him different questions. Shiv says we will do all that you like and want.. but for now go to sleep. She again gets up to ask another question. Before she asks, Shiv stops her and says if you ask all now, then what will remain when we go there? Anandi says, that’s right too and goes to sleep.

Shiv is at his office and getting his work done. He asks staffs.. if all work is done, then can I leave for my holidays? Staffs say sure.. happy holidays.

Jagya tells his family about new hospital equipments exhibition. He says it’s in Udhaipur and asks Bhairo if he can go along with him.. if he doesn’t have any work. Bhairo says, there is some work.. if that finishes fast, then he can go. Basant tells Jagya, but tomorrow (it’s Gehna’s treatment).. Jagya says he remembers that its important day for Basant and his wife and says, he has told someone who will go along with them. Dadisa tells Jagya to go and meet Anandi too as he is going there. Everyone gets excited and starts planning what they will send for Anandi. Jagya says, I won’t be able to go there.. bapusa will go alone and give all gifts. Dadisa says, okay..

Everyone helping anandi pack her bags. Sanchi asks her what she will bring for her. Meenu says, there are some good guys.. get one for her. Sanchi says, you all don’t have to worry about me.. I will find my dulha myself. She then says she will tell Shiv.. and he will get something good for her.

Jagya comes to Basant and he is sorry that he can’t go with them. He says if God wants, then everything will be fine. Basant says, you had explained all this before.. and you have done a lot. After that whatever destiny wants. They hug. Basant tells him that he will be thankful to him always for the happiness that he gave him.