10th December Tuesday Update on Young Love

10th December Tuesday Update on Young Love

Sona hiding seeing Ganga and thinks Ganga might have followed her. Peon comes asking for Sona. Sona gets tensed. She comes out and talks to peon. Peon says Dr. Jagdish came with his wife. He gave some stuff and medicines for you. Sona thinks she couldn’t meet Jagya and his wife because of Ganga. Don’t know what they might be thinking about me.

Dadisaa calls Panditji and says I wants you to get the mahurat for Gehna’s marriage. Panditji gets shocked. Dadisaa disconnects the call.

Ganga asks Jagya have you think about the gift to be given to Gehna. Jagya says this is a hospital. We can talk about gift at home. Ganga says sorry. Jagya holds her hand and smiles. He says I thought about it, but decided it yet. Ganga suggests Medical Insurance policy for Gehna, Niranjan, Nandu and Bhairavi. Jagya likes her idea and appreciates her intelligence. Ganga teases him and leaves. Jagya smiles.

Villagers opposes Gehna’s marriage and tells Panditji will you support them. Panditji says I just informed you, but have to do as Kalyani Devi says. Villagers gets angry and decides to stop the marriage.

Mr. Mittal comes to Saachi’s house. Vivek opens the door. Mr. Mittal says I came for some important work. He asks Vivek to stop Saachi from resigning her job. Suman asks what are you saying? Mr. Mittal says Saachi wants to focus on her domestic life. He asks Vivek to make her understand not to resign her job. Vivek says I have stopped interfering in her professional life and asks him to convince her. Saachi tells Mittal that she will talk to him after 2 days.

Dadisaa and family come to the temple with Niranjan. Panditji gets tensed. Dadisaa greets them. She asks you didn’t take out the mahurat for the wedding. Panditji says I didn’t get the time. Dadisaa asks him not to lie. She scolds him for informing the villagers about it. Panditji tells them that there is a mahurat on 15th. Jagya says it means after 2 days. Dadisaa says we will handle everything. She gives him Dakshina.

Panchayat comes there. Sarpanch opposes the marriage. Everyone get shocked.Dadisaa asks who are you to told me that this marriage can’t happen. who gave you the right to decide? Sarpanch says we have always supported you. Today you are going against Dharma. We can’t support you. Dadisaa asks how can marriage be against dharma. Villager says Gehna is a widow and you are going against God. Gehna cries. Dadisaa asks her not to cry. She gets angry and says if God has wiped her sindoor then the God itself will get her married. She talks about Ishwar Chand Vidya Sagar story. Panch member says we follow only our parampara. Jagya interferes and says thinking shall be changed with time. He tells about the women who have reached the moon. Villagers says we are happy with the old thinking. Ganga asks are you talking about men or women thinking.

Ganga asks them to look around and asks the women. Do they agree with you. Don’t women have the right to live her life after her husband dies. She supports widow’s marriage and says Gehna is getting married for her and her children happiness. Villagers says there is no use to talk to you all. Dadisaa says my family doesn’t need anyone’s permission to walk on the right path. She says my Gehna will get marry to Niranjan. She stays adamant on her decision and holds Gehna’s hand. She walks out from there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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