10th December Tuesday Update on True Love

10th December Tuesday Update on True Love

Surabhi calls someone (her dad) & exchanges pleasantries. He asks her if everything is well. She replies affirmatively that everything is going according to their plan…..the marriage has taken place finally.
He tells her that whatever she has done for the family…all her sacrifices will not go to waste. They are very proud of her…very proud.
She asks if she can come back now.
He asks her to stay for some more time and be careful about any other hints of anybody thinking against Akash and keep them informed. Everything will happen as decided….for Meethi.
She reluctantly agrees, ends the call and goes away.

Meethi & Akash enter a hotel room. She asks him why are they here. They should be at the airport as for any international flight, they have to reach there at least 3 hours before the boarding time.
He, in a serious mode, asks her why whats the problem…the place is nice…everything is well then?
She is somewhat taken aback and stutters just like that…nothing as such.
He repeats her words & then looks at her face and starts laughing at her. He tells her that he was just kidding & winks at her. Our flight is delayed for 4 hours thats why thought to come here, freshen up and change and then go. I don’t want to take any risk today.

When she asks the reason, he replies that she is looking so beautiful today…anyone can like her. Then what about me? You know I cant live without you.
Meethi replies that he could have told the same thing lovingly…she dint like it this way. She tries to show that she is angry.
Akash tells her that its a ritual…whenever a husband is angry, a wife should try to make him smile.
She replies that a wife does but she is not one of them….and if you again get angry on me then….
She tries to leave but he holds her hand and asks her what she will do. Tell me Mrs. Vishnu Kashyap?
She pushes him on the sofa and runs away…Akash follows her.

Bundela House:
Scene shifts to Tappu, who’s sitting in front of the mirror, lost in thoughts. She remembers slapping Mukta & then Rathore taking her away with him. She is crying sadly.
Divya enters and seeing her lost, tries to comfort her.
Tappu wipes her tears and tries to divert the topic.
Divya asks if she will lie to her mom…she is thinking about Mukku right? Tappu nods & says in life, I never had a chance to give my daughter the love she deserves…while she was growing up, I was never by her side as her friend or held her hand but today I raised my hand on her.
Divya assures her that it is a mother’s right…she can anytime raise her hand on her children to bring them on the right path. Don’t worry. But I do think that there was something which Mukta was trying to tell….and no one neither you nor any of us could understand it. She would never try and harm Meethi in any way. You don’t worry…her papa will bring her back soon.
Tappu says she hopes the same.
Divya asks her to come back to her own house now…what’s left now?
Tappu says she will….one more work is left, then she will.
Divya nods and then leaves for her home bidding her goodbye.

Kanha hands over his phone to Damini….Meethi is on the other side. Damini asks if she is at the airport. Meehti smiles and asks her to speak slowly or else her voice will directly reach abroad. She tells her that the flight got delayed so they are staying in a hotel..will leave from here only.
She says that in they could have come home for this time.
Meethis says…its Vishnu’s plan….His idea of giving surprise.
Damini asks her is she has called Iccha…she must be waiting for her call. Meethi replies that she will…in sometime. Damini asks her if she can come and meet her.
Kanha takes the phone away and teases her that in your marriage, everyone has put in a lot of efforts…we are very tired. Now home seems peaceful too. Nobody is here to bother us.
She smiles and says she will trouble her all the more when she will be back from abroad.
He smiles and asks for Vishnu. She says he is changing now. I’ll ask him to call you when he is back.
Kanha teases her that he will disconnect now or his hubby will think that she is still stuck with her parents. Both smile now.

Akash in the washroom…is on phone with Surabhi. He tells her that Meethi is very happy now…she has totally gone mad with happiness. She is on the 7th cloud…but…till when?
Surabhi smiles listening to him.

Kanha tells her that wanted to tell you one thing….that Vishnu loves her a lot. Meethi smiles.

Akash says to Surabhi that she will wait for her whole life….to hear those 3 golden words. She doesn’t know that the love she is holding onto….its all an illusion. When the fog will clear away, she will find nothing else but hatred.
Meethi knocks on the door now.
Akash continues that the bride is waiting for me. She is so anxious to go to Switzerland….packing and all. She cant even imagine that instead of ice there will be only hot lumps of coal waiting for her. Poor girl, she doesn’t even know where she is going to! Surabhi agrees….yes bhaiya!

Damini asks Meethi to keep in touch and give us her no. as and when she reaches Switzerland.
Meethi assures her that she will.

Jogi was passing by and hearing their conversation…is lost in thoughts. He thinks…maybe Mukta did misunderstood things. Meethi & Vishnu are so happy together…everyone is so happy.

Akash smiles and says…she is listening to her loved ones voice for the last time. God knows when again will she get to hear or see them again. But in this birth, maybe she will not get another chance.

Meethi says love you to Damini and asks her to take care. Damini asks her to take care of herself too.
Screen splits with Meethi & Akash…..both smiling to themselves.

Mukta in her hotel suite….she is recalling all the incidents of the wedding day. Her saying that he isn’t Vishnu; then the birthmark thing & finally Meethi asking her about the real Vishnu. Then of Tappu slapping her. She becomes sad.
She thinks that I had just got you ma….but so soon, have lost you as well. I am sorry ma. I am sorry.

She hears a knock and goes to open the door. Rathore is standing with a cake in trolley. She brightens up seeing him. Rathore asks his princess if he can come in. She nods.
But she says that it isn’t her birthday then why this cake?
He smiles and says that he knows. But for years, when you were not with us….dint knew about you…then I used to celebrate it with this cake…all alone.
She smiles. He shows her their childhood pic.
Rathore says that it is of the first time when he had held her in his arms. But back then, he dint knew that she was his daughter. And now that she is with him & changed his temporary residence into home….they will celebrate all the rest of her birthdays together. She smiles and agrees.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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