10th December Monday Update On Young Love

Location: In the pond
Shiv watches happily, while anandi dances joyfully. She grows shy as she finds shiv watching her. He gives her a rose, which she takes shyly and they both lie on the ground, in the hay, enjoying each other’s company. While his hand is on her shoulders, she places hher hand on his chest. They have food together, feeding each other. They find a cute puppy to play with too. They play around in the waters, overwhelmed by their new found confession of love. They hug in a tight embrace.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
While relaxing after dinner, he comments how sanchi had a close shave. they discuss the recklessness of the drivers these days. jagiya says that he has some work. Dadisa asks him to finish his work and go to bed early. after he leaves, dadisa asks bhairo to go and dealing with the situation very maturedly, and talk to jagiya about remarriage.

He enters jagiya’s room saying that he needs to talk to him. jagiya asks if everything’s alright, as he looks so tensed. Bhairo says that he wants to talk about jagiya. Jagiya asks what. He replies that all the family feels that they have unintentionally done wrong to him, as they were preoccupied with getting anandi a new life, after he returned back home, and just got away with giving him a hospital. they neevrv realised that he too was in pain and needed help. jagiya says that he has no complaints, and asks why is he saying all this. Bhairo says that they all want him to settle with a new life partner again. Jagiya is stunned to hear this and says that he cant beleive that they want that even after ruining two of his marriages. Bhairo says that they are saying this for his mental peace. jagiya says that in the wake of his happiness, he has ruined lives of two girls, and now they want him to ruin a third giorl. Bhairo says that it was not entirely his fault, and that he shouldnt carry the guilt, and how long can he be alone. Jagiya says that he doesnt feel alone, and he has resigned himself to the fact, that marriage isnt in his fate. Bhairo asks him to reconsider this to be happy onec again in hi life, as he cant be alone and sad forever.

jagiya asks wats the guarantee that happiness would be ther, when he remarries. he asks bhairo if gauri and anandi were happy with him, or if ganga was happy with ratan. Bhairo says that he too can present examples, and gives of all the other married happy couples in the family. jagiya says that they can spend the entire night discussing, but he is firm that he doesnt want to marry anymore, and thats not due to anandi. He says that after much wait, there has been peace and stagnancy in his life, and he cant risk that. with folded hands, he asks bhairo not to dicuss this with him any further. bhairo silently leaves.

Bhairo comes down and tells that jagiya didnt agree. dadisa says that she had already started seeing dreams for him, but bhairo says that jagiya doesnt want to and wants to be alone, contained in the pain life gave him, and that he doesnt want to get entangled in relations again. basant says that they knew it wont be easy for him to say no, and that dadisa wont lose hope, and that they would try again to convince him. he takes her to bed. ganga is tensed hearing all this.

Ganga knocks on jagiya’s door, and brings his clothes washed and ironed. She lingers around to say that she learnt something new in english, THANK YOU. Jagiya nods and gets back into work. She says that she was given a new life, by him taking her out of the hell, hence she says THANK YOU. Jagiya asks ganga to move ahead and think of the future. ganga says that he too should do the same, and follow his own advice. She says that bhairo wasnt wrong, and asks him to agree. Jagiya tries to stop, but she goes on saying that he should tell whats bothering him. She gives her own example, as to how he gave her the courage, to come out of ratan’s home and start a whole new life, happily with mannu. She says that she had to break her old relations, to start a new life, while he jsut has to start a new life, by moving ahead and forget the past and that it would be good for him and the family too. jagiya asks her to stop talking, which scares her.

Scene 3:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
As shiv and anandi are being awaited at the dinner table, by shiv’s family, they come home finally, with anandi wearing his coat. the family is very amused seeing them like this. They start asking them how did they get wet, by this unseemly rain that onle fell on them. As shiv and anandi proceed to go to their room to change the clothes, drenched in water, she accidentally drops the mobile, and her voice message saying SHIV, I LOVE YOU, resonates in the drawing room, in front of the entire family. Much to their embarassment, the family is very amused and surprised. while everyone pretends to be ignorant that they heard anything, mahi doesnt spare anandi and teases her saying that he heard everything. the whole family breaks into laughter.CONTINUE READING FROM NEST PAGE 2 BELOW


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